Tuesday, May 26

Join us : End of Season Sample Sale

                                                                                                                                                               Ladies join us this Saturday May 30, 2015 from 12-6pm for Sugar & Spikes semi-annual END OF SEASON SAMPLE SALE!  You'll save 40%-70% off retail value and event you don't want to miss.  Light bites and wine will be served (must be 21yrs+ to drink).  Register at bit.ly/1EGhYbA.  
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Thursday, May 21

#SSBeSassy OOTD : Creme Shift Dress

Photo Credit : The lovely Keli E. Smith
The holiday weekend is approaching much sooner than we expected and I'm sure you ladies are scrambling to pull together a look.  Well, don't you fret Belinda Jackson is here (lol)!  Today I put together a comfy, simple look for this weekends upcoming festivities.  I paired this cute 'Creme Shift Dress' with my favorite blue jean jacket and a pair of comfy Nike Dunk Wedges The Hubs purchased for Mother's Day.  A very simple look in which you can feel sexy yet comfy all at the same time.   

Photo Credit : Keli E. Smith
Photo Credit : Keli E. Smith 
The sheer peek-a-boo panel gives you a hint of sex appeal in a classy way.  

Photo Credit : Keli E. Smith
My favorite distressed blue jean jacket to pull off my sassy look!  Purchased  it a few years ago at TJ Maxx. 

Photo Credit : Keli E. Smith 
Can't go wrong with comfort in a pair of Nike Dunk Wedges!

Photo Credit : Keli E. Smith
Until next time Loves deuces! 

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Tuesday, May 19

We Celebrate You, Moms!

Mother's Day is over.  Gone too are the gifts of grocery store flowers and precious handmade trinkets your child made for you in school.  Regardless of how extravagant or how small your gift(s), know that you are celebrated and appreciated.

Sleepless nights.  Early mornings.  Temper tantrums and potty accidents.  The job is a tough one, but none more rewarding.  It may not always feel like you're doing it right, but those tight little hugs and tiny kisses reassure you that you are on the right track.

If you have children of your own, you're are a step-mommy, or simply a mother-figure, your selflessness, sacrifice, and wisdom helps to shape the lives of others.  A mere 'thank you' does not suffice.... but it surely doesn't hurt either.

THANK YOU, for you are a gift, even if you don't receive as many as you deserve.  Mother's Day is over, but the celebration of your motherhood continues.
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Thursday, May 7

#SSBeSassy #OOTD : Lace Sheer Jacket

Jacket Sugar & Spikes Boutique Pants Gap via Salvation Army
Photo Credit : Serenity Jackson
 Good morning Loves!  Today is a new day, I've been feeling refreshed and especially excited about this week.  As you can see from the pictures I was pretty busy over the weekend.  I had the pleasure of working with Pumpkin aka Serenity this past Saturday.  She was my photographer for the day and I must say she impressed me once again.  So, some of our items for Spring have arrived, I've fallen in love with this 'Lace Sheer Jacket'!  It's one of my favs so you'll see this jacket again very soon.  

Photo Credit : Serenity Jackson
With this look I paired the monochrome jacket with a pair of brightly colored Gap jean capri's I copped at the Salvation Army for $5.99, a simple black high low tee and black sandals.  For my face I chose to go light with just mascara, brows and lip gloss, everything else is all natural!  Man my tan is bangin'!

Photo Credit : Serenity Jackson
There were plenty of bloopers messing around with Pumpkin, as she wanted to take pictures of the butterflies and lady bugs!  I enjoyed her being behind the camera more than anything and was pleased with the shots we were able to capture.  

Let me know what you ladies think of the look, how would you style the 'Lace Sheer Jacket'?  

Until next time Loves...  

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Tuesday, May 5

#SSBeClassy : New Arrivals

Two pretty awesome things happened to me this past weekend...
1. I bought my very first DSLR camera :)
2. My 9-year-old son didn't break it

Our new spring arrivals are here, and I took some of my favorite new pieces and had a mini photoshoot with my son as the photographer.

I love this set!  Able to be worn together for a complete look or styled separately, the Navy Pant and Navy Peplum Top are my favorite new arrivals to the Sugar Collection.

The epitome of classic with a twist, I adore this Lemon Shift Dress (also in Creme) with sheer bottom hem paneling,

While it belongs to the Spikes Collection, I love the Chiffon Top for its effortless simplicity in the front, and drama in the back.

Have you seen our new arrivals?  Check them out and let us know what you think!

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Thursday, April 30

About Last Saturday : S&S Re-Launch Event

Oh yes, oh yes if you weren't at Standout Style Boutique this past Saturday you missed out! Exclusive pricing, light bites, drinks and access to being the first to purchase Sugar & Spikes' new 'Spring 2015 Collection'.  Pops of color, a spin on grids, lace and sheer graced the racks at this weekends pop up shop.  The table adorned with simple, classic yet quirky accessories and sweet treats such as red velvet and powdered donut holes, cupcakes, Sixlets (one of my favs) and other light bites were hard to resist.

If you missed out this past Saturday don't miss out on next months pop up shop.  The unveiling of the 'Summer 2015 Collection' will be featured and those attending will have a first glance and a chance to purchase.  The availability of items are limited and will not be restocked, what you see is what you get! Be sure to sign up for the newsletter by clicking here to receive exclusive inside deets on future events.  Congratulations to the winner of the giveaway featuring Keli and I's favorite things, Bee Nicole of HerStyleMedia, enjoy Love!
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Tuesday, April 28

Links We Love!

1. I MUST HAVE these oxfords!
2. This pencil is truly a wonder in my beauty routine
3. Shea Moisture dropped their surprise line of professional products at Sally's.  My fave is the curl memory leave-in conditioner.
4. My fave toner, keeps my pores tiny and pristine
5. Currently reading... and oldie but a goodie

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Thursday, April 23

Trending Now : The Hair Color Movement

Monica's New Color
I'm so in love with the new hair color trend, so in love that I joined the movement!  My new color isn't much of a drastic change but it's definitely out of the ordinary for little old me.  I've dyed my tresses before when I'd undergone a life change and chopped it off.  This time I'm like 'long hair don't care', color on 'fleek' you know!  I recently posted a picture in which it appeared as though I cut my tresses click here.  Over 100 of you fell for it, over 30 commented and I think The Hubs was on the verge of going to the court house to file papers (lbvs)!  I finally confessed and for those who didn't see it click here.

Olori Swank
For my natural friends out there if you are contemplating the idea do what Nike says just do it!  The worst that can happen is you don't like or the complete opposite you will absolutely fall in love with it.  Its hair, it comes and it goes.  Whatever you decide just make sure you are seeking the advice of a professional stylist.  No DIY projects when it comes to coloring your hair, I've made that mistake once already!  Luckily the results weren't detrimental.  Be bold when selecting your hue(s) and be sure it compliments your skin tone.

Show me your new hue my using the tags #sslifestyle and #newhue.  Find us on Instagram @sugar_spikes

Until next time Loves...

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Tuesday, April 21

3 Ways to Create the Perfect Closet

It's Springtime, and one topic that i see so many fashion and lifestyle bloggers write about (myself included) is tips and advice on prepping your closet and your wardrobe for Spring.  I am someone who is always purging and discarding items (which I usually end up regretting later), but no matter how many times I clean and organize my closet and arrange my clothes by color, I never really feel like my closet is as organized and optimized and as lovely as I imagine it could be.

Luckily for me, and some of you, I happened across the most helpful Spring closet cleaning article on Bloglovin feed yesterday (btw, have you subscribed to us on Bloglovin' yet?).

Click to read 3 Ideas for a Neater Closet, Fatter Wallet & Better Style on ApartmentTherapy.com

This article was written for people like me, who may keep a relatively clean closet, but feel that it doesn't have a purpose aside from just hanging clothes.  Many of the pieces in my closet don't reflect my classic style, yet I hold on to them because... who really knows.

Of the three ideas for achieving wardrobe perfection mentioned in the article, I will be applying ideas from the French Wardrobe to my closet.  I want the functionality of my closet to serve as a collection of items that capture my signature style, with a few pieces that change with the seasons.  I love a good DIY, and I'm going to make this a fun one with an excuse to go shopping!

Do you have a method for organizing your closet?  What works/doesn't work for you?  Comment below to share your tips as  I re-organize and beautify my closet.
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Thursday, April 16

M.I.L.F : The Struggle is Real But It's Okay!

Picture Credit : EliteDaily
Loves, it's about that time of the year where we utter the ever so popular statement, "Girl I have to get it together, summer is almost here!"  I'm guilty of saying it along with not following through with my supposed work out plan!  Why don't I you ask?  Let me be honest with you, my body is nothing like it use to be in fact I'm still a little uncomfortable with it.

While pregnant with my first child I gained a lot of weight.  My highest weight 172lbs and you've seen how small I am, my body was stretched in places I've never imagined!  So after having my precious Serenity I was left with what most women are left with, 'tiger stripes'.  I was devastated, I complained and complained and I even dropped a tear or two.  I guess The Hubs was tired of hearing it and finally said to me in his deep yet soft, sexy tone, "Babe all women have stretch marks."  And of course him saying that was still not enough for me.  

I've come to realize after reading and talking to women like you and me that you have to be comfortable with yourself.  Embrace your imperfections and own them is all we can do.  It's ok and there is nothing wrong with doing so.  We are women, grown women honey!  We've #earnedourstripes ladies!

Until next time Loves...
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