Tuesday, November 19

How To: Create a Chic Closet

When you think of a clothing boutique owner, you can't help but to think of how impressive her closet must be.  The dream closet that pops into your mind is likely big, colorful, organized, and filled with decadent pieces.  Let me assure you, my closet isn’t all that grand, but by employing a bit of TLC, my closet is definitely my happy place.  Regardless of the size and content of your closet, follow these tips to help your closet bring you some happiness too.

Clean it up: When short on space, things should be as organized as possible to increase efficiency.  Nothing is worse than waking up late in the morning and being unable to find the one skirt that makes your butt look AMAZING.  You know it’s got to be in there somewhere.  For that reason, I have a system that works for me in my closet.  I break up my wardrobe pieces into categories: tops, pants, jackets, etc.  Then, within each category, pieces are organized by color.  It’s much easier to pull a cohesive look together when everything is easy to find.  And once your closet has been organized the first time, it is fairly easy to keep it that way.
Choose wisely: Fill your closet with pieces that make you feel and look good, and that will last a long time.  Cotton is an ideal fabric (Hayden Panettiere even sang about it).  The natural fabric is soft, lasts what seems like forever, and rarely requires dry cleaning.  Don’t waste your money or space on fabrics that are itchy, come with a hefty dry-cleaning price tag (unless you got it like that), or won’t hold their shape after a few washes.
Plan ahead: Regardless of how precious your time is, take the time to “pre-assemble” some outfits ahead of time.  By planning ahead, you will save yourself a considerable amount of time in the mornings, and your outfits will come together more nicely since you’ll have ample time to play dress up. 
Let it go!: Clean your closet regularly!  By clean, I mean to get rid of items that you no longer wear, and by regularly, I mean at least two times per year.  Don’t hold on to pieces that you think you may wear one day down the road.  If you haven’t worn something in a year, it’s about time you let it go.  By purging your closet, you can donate your gently used treasures to someone that really needs them, and you can fill your newly found hanging space with new little pretties.

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