Tuesday, February 4

NYFW: 7 Things You Should Know

New York Fashion Week begins on February 6th, at which time international fashion collections are shown in New York and all fashion lovers unite with a mutual excitement and adoration for what the major fashion houses have been busy working on. While there is no shortage of fashion events occurring in NY during fashion week, Mercedes-Benz has the most prominent series of shows, known (appropriately) as Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.
In honor of all that is NYFW, here are 7 facts that you should know in order to call yourself a fashionista.

Fashion Week was originally called "Press Week", since it was when designers showed off their newest fashions to journalists, buyers, and manufacturers.  Over the years, they have become glamorous entertainment and media events, attracting celebrities to its covered front rows.

Fashion Week kicks off in New York City, then it heads to London, Milan, and finally Paris (in that order). These cities are known as "The Big Four" in the fashion world.  Each of the Big Four is known for championing different styles - New York for sportswear; London for edgy, avant-garde design; Milan for its over-the-top yet stylish looks; and Paris for haute couture.

Fashion Week originated in New York City, with the first show inaugurated in 1943 by fashion publicist Eleanor Lambert, who wanted to give American designers a chance to showcase their works and to compete against international fashion houses.

Fashion Week occurs twice a year: Once in the spring and once in the fall. Spring shows feature the upcoming fall fashions, while fall shows reveal what's in store for the following spring.  The shows are timed ahead of the season, allowing buyers to place their orders and have them arrive in stores in time for the beginning of the season.

Fashion shows usually last an average of 10-15 minutes, although the waiting time for a show to start can run up to two hours.

Runway models actually walk differently depending on the city.  Models walking in New York Fashion Week walk in a quick, staccato style, whereas models in Paris Fashion Week have a slower and smoother strut.

In most cases, you can't buy tickets to Fashion Week. Typically only celebrities and fashion industry insiders such as stylists, buyers, high-profile bloggers, editors, and journalists are invited.  Many of the shows, however, are able to be live streamed online.