Wednesday, April 9

How to: Obtain Inner Peace

Inner peace...words that are easier said than easily obtainable.  As a devoted wife, mother of two, entrepreneur and a full time employee I'm often overwhelmed with my obligations.  My moments of serenity never come to fruition due to the costant trivails of life.  The fraise "wind down" don't exist in my vocabulary.  How can I when there sits hundreds of undone tasks racing through the maze of my brain?  Where, when and how do I start...

I can't practically luxuriate in life until I have reached or have a sense of inner peace.  With the chaotic life I live my brain has to rest at some point!  One of the ways to accomplish such a task is to experience tranquility.  How can I attain tranquility you ask?  From the research I've conducted one way is through meditation.  What better way to clear my mind, experience inner peace or fill that void.  So for those of you who have read thus far I propose to you a challenge, follow me on this journey of reaching serenity.  Let's revel in life and live as if it's the last days.  I'm not saying party like it's 1999 now!  Instead relish in every moment become more aware of what you do and who you are and lets do it together! 

For those of you who are with me comment below to join!  We will start this journey on Monday, April 14, 2014, you choose the time that best works for you.

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