Tuesday, April 15

Obtaining Inner Peace: Day 1

6:45am wake up time and 7am start, I must say this wasn't easy for me!  My partner in crime elected to join me on this journey of inner peace early Monday morning.  We started off by stretching, through the stretching process we learned our bodies true age!  Do you really want to know how long its been since I had to touch my toes?  Don't say anything to the Hubs but I was closer than he was to touching my toes!  After the dreadful task of stretching we chose tranquil sounds of water and wind found on Youtube and set the timer for 16 minutes.  

As I attempted to focus on my breathing I found myself starting to wander in thought, this is normal for first time meditators.  It takes time to learn such a craft.  Meditation for the first time was difficult because I am constantly thinking even before I go to bed.  One thing I can say is the time passed faster than I thought it would.  Afterward both the Hubs and I had to peel our feet apart!  I felt calm, relaxed and renewed.  I'm really looking forward to this new found positive energy I'm feeling.  For those of you who started let me hear how you journey went (leave comments below).