Tuesday, April 22

Obtaining Inner Peace: Day 7

As I've embarked on this journey of obtaining inner peace I've learned one thing thus far, patience.  Clearing your mind is not an easy task.  Wondering in the dark mental space was difficult and seemed unobtainable the first few days.  I'm a thinker and the thought of not thinking seemed a bit ridiculous.  How can one not think?

The first task to tackle is to clear your mind, I found my mind wandering into thoughts of what I was going to write about in my next posting, the thought of how much fun I had over the weekend along with many other things I did not need to think about!  Now it is said when this happens you are to focus on your breathing and repeat the mantra of the day.  Well I did so and the thoughts of everyday tasks continued to ponder.  Remember readers this is the second day of meditation.

By day three I was flooded with distractions, well I shall say a distraction!  My active 3 year old daughter.  Meditation started off with her in the typical stance but by the time my husband and I reached a state of tranquility her attention diverted to me.  She rubbed my arm, showered me with hugs and kisses and the best part of it all she decided to share her gas with us!  Yup she farted and I tried my hardest to contain the laugh but it didn't work, so yeah day 3 didn't go so well.

Day 6 I was in full affect, I had finally gotten somewhere.  At least it felt as though I did!  I'm looking forward to seeing the changes within myself.  Tell me your experience, I'm anxious to hear how things are going for you all.  Be sure to leave your comments below.  See you all next week!

Picture credit:  www.iamaprairie.com