Wednesday, June 25


No matter your style, a fresh face goes with absolutely anything.  Who wants a face full of makeup in the summertime anyway?  Unless you were blessed with flawless, blemish-free skin and lashes for days (lucky you), a little product can help tremendously in creating a natural look.  Keep reading for tips on how to pull of a no-makeup look so you can believably say, like Bey, you woke up like 'dis.

1. Skip the heavy foundation
When it comes to a natural-looking complexion, heavy foundation formulas can create the opposite effect.  With so many BB creams on the market, there are plenty to choose from and one made just for you.  If you're not interested in spending any more money on beauty products (I know I can't be the only beauty product junkie out there), you can even create your own custom tinted moisturizer buy mixing your existing foundation with your fave facial moisturizer.

2. Use concealer sparingly
We each have skin imperfections we'd like to hide.  When using concealer, use a small flat brush with synthetic bristles to cover only where needed.  For dark undereye circles, apply with your ring finger.  Finish the job with a light dusting of powder and you're good to go!

3. Brighten your eyes
Apply a cream eyeshadow onto your lids in a shade close to your skin tone, with a brighter shade in the inner corners of your eyes.  The bright shade will instantly open up your eyes, making you appear more awake.

4. Brush and curl
Well groomed eyebrows help to frame the face, and mascara brings definition to your eyes.  Make sure to brush your eyebrows up and away from your face, using a brow pencil or wax to fill in any sparse areas.  Then curl your lashes and finish off with your mascara of choice.

5. Add some color
Add a natural rose-colored hue to your cheeks and lips to bring some subtle color to your look.  Either a cream blush or liquid tint can be used for both.  Score for multi-purpose beauty products!

6. Highlight
A good highlighter in the right places will make your skin look perfectly sunkissed.  My fave is Watts Up by Benefit.

How do you create a natural look?  Snap a selfie of your best fresh face and hashtag #iwokeuplikethis.