Wednesday, September 10

Who's This On the Birthday Line?

It's S&S, it's S&S!

If you live in the Chicago and are a listener of the radio station 107.5 WGCI, then you know the feeling of pride and excitement the title provokes on one's birthday.  It's a big deal.  September 15th marks our 1st birthday, exactly one year from our grand opening, and we are prepared to party in epic proportions!  Are you ready to celebrate with us?

To celebrate our 1st birthday, Sugar & Spikes Boutique will be celebrating with 5 Days of Birthday Giveaways, and all the birthday gifts are all yours!  Beginning on September 11th, we will be counting down the days with a different giveaway each day until we reach the greatest giveaway of them all, a mystery grand prize on our birthday.

On each day, we will post giveaway rules on one of our social media outlets or our newsletter, so be sure you like and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as subscribe to our newsletter to get the deets first!

No one really limits their birthday festivities to just one day, so why not celebrate for 5 whole days with S&S?!?!  Ready, set... WIN!