Wednesday, October 15

About Last (Last,Last) Saturday : Chicago Bloggers Brunch

Let us tell you about Saturday before last...

We had the pleasure of joining a dynamic, warm, welcoming set of ladies and a gentlemen at the Chicago Blogger Brunch on Saturday, September 27th.  We were welcomed by Charlotte of Milk N Honee and Lauren K of Diaries of a Wanna Be Rich Kid, and a beautiful hand-curated (one of Keli's favorite words) bag of goodies.  As we anticipated the arrival of the other guest we indulged in the food bar.  To our surprise, this was just the beginning of a delicious, delectable, palate-pleasing brunch.  We love us some food (wink)! 

We could go on and on (and on) about how divine the food was, but the real reason for the event is the people!  We met and connected with some awesome bloggers and business owners in the 
Chicago area.  "Meet" them below!

Also check out Charlotte's recap at Milk N Honee for more event pics!  We can't wait for the next one!