Monday, October 13

Keli's Fall Natural Hair Regimen

I would love it so if I could create the perfect, season-proof natural hair regimen that stayed consistent in all four seasons.  But alas, that just isn't so.  At the beginning of each season I fine tune or completely throw out my routine that worked so well for me in the previous season, in exchange for something better suited for the change in weather.  Maybe I'm lying to myself though.  Just maybe this is my excuse to spend more unnecessary money at Target for more hair products I don't need.  Maybe...

Through the summer I opted for wash and gos most of the time and the products I used we best suited for that style.  Now that the fall weather is upon us though, I'm beginning to prefer defined twist-outs, which means that my go-to products are changing again.  To Target I go :)

My Fall Natural Hair Regimen

This routine will likely stay the same through the winter as well, but I may tweak it a tiny bit as my tapered twa grows out.

Do you adjust your hair and beauty routine each season?  What changes have you made?
Do you have a fave clarifying shampoo that I should try?