Tuesday, October 28

Throwback Post : #SSBeSassy #OOTD : Jeweled Ribbon Necklace

Betsy Johnson Sunglasses, Sugar & Spikes Jeweled Ribbon Necklace, Sugar & Spikes Bishop Tank, Akira Joggers
Here's a spin on the Jeweled Ribbon Necklace, can't go wrong with jogging pants and kicks.  A mature twist on the classic dressed down look. 

Photo Credit : Serenity Ari Jackson
A better view of the Bron Bron's! BCBG Jacket
I tried waiting on my husband to get home to take some shots for me but I didn't want to chance missing the sunlight on this beautiful fall day.  So I in-trusted my four year old daughter Serenity with one of my prized possessions.  I must say she's a natural!           

Until next Tuesday...