Tuesday, November 25

#SSBeClassy #OOTD : Chic Drop Cocktail Earrings

Earrings and Top from Sugar & Spikes Boutique
Holiday time is upon us, which means it's time to don those statement pieces to create the perfect holiday ensemble.  How exactly do you wear a bold statement piece to best complement your look?  A statement piece is meant to enhance your outfit and, of course, make a statement.  But the statement can be all wrong if worn incorrectly.

I love the Chic Drop Cocktail Earrings, which are perfect for the holiday season as gifts, or to wear to your holiday party.  Here, I paired them with the Chiffon Bodysuit.  These earrings bring the whole look together, and because my hair is short, the earrings really shine.

3 Rules for Wearing Statement Jewelry

Choose earrings wisely.  Statement earrings are usually the first thing that someone will notice about you.  They should frame your face well, and complement your hair.  Long, dangling earrings work best with up-dos and short hair.

Less is more.  Bold pieces should be able to stand out on their own.  Wearing several in close proximity to each other will over-crowd your look, so it is best to not wear a statement necklace and bold earrings together.

Create a total look.  When choosing your statement jewelry, choose pieces that will help in completing your overall look, not competing with it.