Thursday, January 1


Good afternoon Loves! I know you were expecting a post on the OOTD but it's New Year's so let's talk about.  That's what most of us do anyway right?  We talk about it or write about it, we promise ourselves we'll start off the New Year right and the first of the year comes and we find ourselves endulged in the same acts we had begun the day before.

I've been guilty of this sense of "hope and determination" time and time again.  I swear this year is different, really!  This year is different, different because I've started the journey of changing my mind frame.  We are all unique individuals so one make shift theory doesn't work for everyone.  Knowing what works for you is pertanent when trying to change.  After much thought, prayer and soul searching I've come to terms with my faults, accepted them and I'm ready!  Ready to #maximize!  

Join me as I embark on this new journey THE #MAXIMIZE MOVEMENT.  I proclaim 2015 to be my year and accept all that He will bring!  

Happy New Year!

Until next time Loves...

Photo Credit : Blophoto