Thursday, January 15

Singing the Spring Hues : #SSBeSassy Color Choices

Good afternoon Loves!  It has been a long couple of weeks for me, just getting over a cold and a hives breakout so your girl is ready to hang.  I've been cooped up in the house majority of the time and this weather has made it difficult.  Spring seems so far fetched at this point in the year, I'm so over cold weather here in 'The Windy City'.  Rain showers and cloudy skies never looked so good until now!  

Luckily Pantone has chosen a delectable color palate full of cool and softer hues to help brighten up this upcoming season.  Just looking at the color palette brings joy and hope to my heart!  My color choices for Spring 2015 are Custard, Glacier Grey, Lucite Green and Tangerine.  Below you'll find variations of how to pair some of my favorite colors with other softer hues.            

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What are your favorite hues from the spring 2015 Pantone color palette?  Please share by commenting below

Until next time Loves...