Tuesday, March 10

Defining your Signature Style

I am frequently asked to describe my "signature style", which can be difficult to explain concisely because, to me, style is something bigger than what can be summed up into three descriptive words.  It is reflective of your personality, life-stage, interests, trends, and other things that may not always be constant.  I believe that your style should evolve as you grow and change, and as your style is a big factor in establishing your first impression, defining your style is important. 

Are you able to define your style in just three keywords?  I realized that while several factors can influence your style, there are particular characteristics, textures, and feelings tied to fashion that I relate to and enjoy most.

My signature style is:
  • Feminine
  • Timeless
  • Bright

I like to pay close attention to ultra feminine details, and I like pieces that don't adhere too closely to trends, but tend to select styles that are timeless and flattering to my body type.  I love to add small, unexpected pops of color that bring excitement to my look, but don't overpower.  You can find my style represented in the 'Sugar' collection of Sugar & Spikes, and under the hashtag #ssbeclassy on our social media outlets.

What about you?
Can you describe your signature style in three words?  What do you want your style to say about you?