Tuesday, March 24

How To: Be a Stylish Mom

Motherhood does NOT have to mean "mom jeans".  Busy is an understatement for most mommies, and on many a morning, I am too tired to pull together a cohesive look.  I stand in front of my closet for too long, staring at my clothes, and usually pick out the same effortless, yet bland outfit.  To be a fashionable mom, the fusion of ease AND style are important.  Keep reading for tips on balancing looking good with motherhood.

Stock your closet with key pieces

To showcase your style with ease, investing in several essential pieces that you can transition and layer with other pieces to create your own personal mommy style.  Find pieces with perfect fit, that you can rely on to look good with just about anything, such as signature denim, white collared shirts, pencil skirts, cigarette pants, and jackets.  Determine your signature style, then fill your closet with key pieces that make it easy for you to show it off.

Prepare your looks in advance

Time is a valuable commodity in the mornings with small children.  Make things easier by planning your look the night before, complete with accessories.  Take it one step further by taking a Sunday afternoon and planning your looks for the entire week ahead.

Add some flare to your flats

Most mamas have traded in their five-inch heels for more practical flats, but that doesn't mean forgoing personal style. If you're not the mommy who can run errands in stilettos, stick to embellished flats for running around during the day, saving your heels for date night.

Find your fave statement pieces

From a lightweight and easy to wear dress style that complements your body shape, to an embellished moto jacket, signature tote, or favorite wrap scarf, find signature pieces that reflect your personal style and can be added to almost anything to elevate your look.

Are you a busy mom?  How do you remain stylish?