Tuesday, March 3

Ready, Set... SPRING!

Only 17 days until Spring, and if you don't know me personally, then you may not know that I'm impatient.  Yes, I realize that although it likely won't FEEL like Spring on March 20th, the first day of Spring is the first step to warm weather actually arriving.  Baby steps.

Since I'm dealing with that impatience I mentioned earlier, I like to visualize that Spring is closer than it really is.  Tired of heavy layers and dry skin, I have a few tips on getting your mind (and body) ready for spring while still suffering through winter.

3 Ways to Prepare for Spring During the Winter

1. Sneak spring colors into your beauty and wardrobe.  

Most of the winter colors are rich, deep, and a little depressing.  Perk up your wardrobe and refresh your look as you slowly transition into Spring with some refreshing color.  Take a peek at the Spring '15 color trends, then pick a few of your faves.  Swipe a coat of a Spring color onto your nails, or add a new accessory in one of the shades to your collection.  The subtle addition of color will give a refreshing, transitional update to your look, but also give you something to look forward to with the upcoming seasonal change.

2. Pay attention to your skin.

Perhaps TMI, but perhaps we are close enough now for me to share with you that I don't particularly care for shaving in the colder months.  With exception to my underarms, I shy away from the razor because tights and layers cover my body for what seems like FOREVER!  As Spring approaches though, I begin to focus on paying some extra TLC to my skin (shaving included).  It's still cold outside, but I know that underneath all these layers, my smooth skin is ready to break loose at the sight of melting snow.

3.  Focus on fitness now!  

Don't wait until summertime where bikini bodies are among us for you to realize that you waited too long.  I have been eating healthy and exercising my butt off (not literally as I want it to be rounder, not flatter) underneath these winter layers so that when the moment comes, I am ready for sundresses and short shorts.

Have you been using Winter wisely in preparation Spring?  What have you been doing to get ready for warmer weather?

Until next Tuesday sweets,