Thursday, March 26

#SSBeSassy : My Signature Style

Picture (l-r) Sugar & Spikes Embellished Top (available upon request), Zara Dress (no longer available), Nordstrom's Dress and BCBG Belt, XOXO Jacket, Bebe Splattered pants (no longer available), Sugar & Spikes Top & Pants, BCBG Dress

Good morning Loves!  It's been a busy week as always, luckily I have a fun filled weekend ahead of me to help wind me down and recharge.  Looking forward to prepping for the upcoming festivities, hair, nails and outfit of course, you ladies know how it goes!  I have one day to pull a look together and I HAVE TO do something with this hair of mine (lol).  The Hubs says he's tired of my ponytail (hint, hint) in other words go get your hair done!  

Over the past few weeks I've been in the process of cleaning my closet in order to update and prepare  for the upcoming Spring/Summer.  Getting rid of things is most difficult because I seem to convince myself that I will wear "it" someday and that someday never arrives.  I've finally mustard up the guts to pull a bag full of items from my current wardrobe, I have a long way to go.  To help me take that next step I decided to update and define my look.  Doing so will give me a clear idea as to what to keep and what to rid from my lovely collection!

As you can see from the picture above my style varies, when it comes to dressing I'm the type of person who dresses based on my mood first and then the occasion.  I don't always like to wear heels although I'm wearing one in just about every picture (I have kicks too, Lebron's hands down)!   I would describe my signature style as being edgy, bold yet simple and detailed (most of the time).  I love prints, texture, detail and I absolutely love a pop of color (preferably neon blue, green or pink)!  You can see this in the 'Spikes' Collection on the Sugar & Spikes website.  Be on the look out we have some special treats arriving as I type so check out Sugar & Spikes in a few weeks.  And if you haven't done so sign up for our 'Newsletter' as well to receive updates and special VIP alerts! 

Until next time Loves...