Tuesday, April 21

3 Ways to Create the Perfect Closet

It's Springtime, and one topic that i see so many fashion and lifestyle bloggers write about (myself included) is tips and advice on prepping your closet and your wardrobe for Spring.  I am someone who is always purging and discarding items (which I usually end up regretting later), but no matter how many times I clean and organize my closet and arrange my clothes by color, I never really feel like my closet is as organized and optimized and as lovely as I imagine it could be.

Luckily for me, and some of you, I happened across the most helpful Spring closet cleaning article on Bloglovin feed yesterday (btw, have you subscribed to us on Bloglovin' yet?).

Click to read 3 Ideas for a Neater Closet, Fatter Wallet & Better Style on ApartmentTherapy.com

This article was written for people like me, who may keep a relatively clean closet, but feel that it doesn't have a purpose aside from just hanging clothes.  Many of the pieces in my closet don't reflect my classic style, yet I hold on to them because... who really knows.

Of the three ideas for achieving wardrobe perfection mentioned in the article, I will be applying ideas from the French Wardrobe to my closet.  I want the functionality of my closet to serve as a collection of items that capture my signature style, with a few pieces that change with the seasons.  I love a good DIY, and I'm going to make this a fun one with an excuse to go shopping!

Do you have a method for organizing your closet?  What works/doesn't work for you?  Comment below to share your tips as  I re-organize and beautify my closet.