Thursday, April 9

Must Have : Spring Essentials

Good morning Loves!  Hope your week is going well.  So technically, "Spring is here" I don't know about you but I'm debuting my spring essentials when the weather breaks.  There are a few pieces I haven't purchased yet due to time constraints but that will all change over the next week or so.  Some of this season's looks are about shoes, bags, bold floral prints, soft hues and the polka dot trend!  Listed below are my must have's for Spring 2015!

Essential #1, can't go wrong with a mule!  Pair with almost anything, a cropped pant, button down shirt and jeans, pencil skirt, you name it.
Calvin Kelin Mule 

Essential #2, the bucket bag.  This is an absolute must have for me this spring because I don't want to hold a bag!  I've become a little lazy when it comes to my bags this year so this is convenient, easy and still fashionable (Pantone's spring hue Marsala)

Steve Madden BGemmaa
Essential #3, bold florals, stand out with a unique floral print like the pencil skirt below.  It's sequenced!

Asos Virgos Lounge Polly Skirt

Essential #4 a soft hue, quite frankly I prefer brighter hues but I'm going to try the softer hues this spring with a bold print.  

New Look Scuba Blue

Lastly, Essential #5 polka dot.  I don't believe I've ever worn polka dots so this will be the first.  I'm looking forward to the many looks I hope to create with the shoe below.  

Aldo Choewia Heel

So ladies what do you think?  What are your 'must haves' this spring?  Comment below.

Until next time Loves...