Thursday, April 23

Trending Now : The Hair Color Movement

Monica's New Color
I'm so in love with the new hair color trend, so in love that I joined the movement!  My new color isn't much of a drastic change but it's definitely out of the ordinary for little old me.  I've dyed my tresses before when I'd undergone a life change and chopped it off.  This time I'm like 'long hair don't care', color on 'fleek' you know!  I recently posted a picture in which it appeared as though I cut my tresses click here.  Over 100 of you fell for it, over 30 commented and I think The Hubs was on the verge of going to the court house to file papers (lbvs)!  I finally confessed and for those who didn't see it click here.

Olori Swank
For my natural friends out there if you are contemplating the idea do what Nike says just do it!  The worst that can happen is you don't like or the complete opposite you will absolutely fall in love with it.  Its hair, it comes and it goes.  Whatever you decide just make sure you are seeking the advice of a professional stylist.  No DIY projects when it comes to coloring your hair, I've made that mistake once already!  Luckily the results weren't detrimental.  Be bold when selecting your hue(s) and be sure it compliments your skin tone.

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Until next time Loves...