Tuesday, May 19

We Celebrate You, Moms!

Mother's Day is over.  Gone too are the gifts of grocery store flowers and precious handmade trinkets your child made for you in school.  Regardless of how extravagant or how small your gift(s), know that you are celebrated and appreciated.

Sleepless nights.  Early mornings.  Temper tantrums and potty accidents.  The job is a tough one, but none more rewarding.  It may not always feel like you're doing it right, but those tight little hugs and tiny kisses reassure you that you are on the right track.

If you have children of your own, you're are a step-mommy, or simply a mother-figure, your selflessness, sacrifice, and wisdom helps to shape the lives of others.  A mere 'thank you' does not suffice.... but it surely doesn't hurt either.

THANK YOU, for you are a gift, even if you don't receive as many as you deserve.  Mother's Day is over, but the celebration of your motherhood continues.