+Sugar and Spikes is a lifestyle, e-boutique catering to women of the classy and sassy variety, offering women's clothing and accessories and a unique perspective on fashion with items on either end of the fashion spectrum, from the sweet to the spiky.   Sugar represents the woman who takes delight in the sweeter approach to fashion, where Spikes represents the woman who likes her fashion a little edgier.  The great thing though, is you don't have to choose whether you style is classy or sassy, you can be both! From lounge wear, to work attire, or that sexy little dress, Sugar & Spikes offers beautiful, one of a kind items that dress each area of a woman's life regardless of her signature style.

Established in 2012, by Keli Smith and Belinda Jackson, Sugar & Spikes is a fast growing company with bright ideas for the future.  Our goal is to provide sophisticated yet versatile clothing to include beautifully tailored staple pieces, as well as the perfect accessories to pull your look together seamlessly.  Whether your style is classy, sassy, or a bit bad-assy, shop Sugar & Spikes

Learn more about our owners Keli and Belinda in our series, The Beauty and Brains behind Sugar & Spikes, Part 1 and Part 2.